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The XCAT – the result of real
enthusiasm and innovative power

The original version has evolved into an innovative product that has impressed water sports enthusiasts all over the world. From sailing to rowing and stand-up paddling, the XCAT is the perfect, multifunctional platform for water sports that you can do any time and everywhere because it is quickly assembled and easy to transport.

XCAT - the result of real enthusiasm and innovative power

RowVista® forwards rowing system –
ingenious technology based on experience and inventiveness

Quick assembly without need
for tools and straightforward
transport on the car roof

With an assembly time of less than 12 minutes for the full sailing option (absolutely no tools required - just click-on and plug-in connections) and a light weight (no part weighs more than 17.5 kg), the XCAT is perfect when you need to transport it by loading it onto a normal car on your own.

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The revolution in rowing – ROWonAIR®

Now that the XCAT has become well established all over the world, the next innovation was hot on its tail, and in autumn 2017 we launched the ROWonAIR®. The objective of ROWonAIR® is to revolutionise rowing: everyone should be able to enjoy rowing simply and effectively on any stretch of water.

ROWonAIR® - the revolution in rowing

Quality and innovation made in Austria.

At Row&Sail we spend every day working enthusiastically on developing innovations at our boat yard in Lichtenberg near Linz / Austria. We always put new products through their paces to optimise them before they are launched on the market to be absolutely sure that they will exceed the expectations of our most demanding customers and fans.