XCAT, the mobile Multi Sport Catamaran for sailing, rowing, sculling,
stand up paddling, motor, fishing, swimming, scuba diving platform


Experience the exhilarating feeling that only the XCAT SAIL can provide. The short but strong mainsail in combination with the large genoa makes this catamaran a joy to sail, in all different types of wind conditions.

A lightweight Rowing Catamaran and a Sailing Catamaran in one boat. The XCAT can even be powered by a small electric outboard or use the XCAT as you would a Stand Up Paddle board (SUP).

We offer two systems for rowing or sculling: RowVista - forward facing rowing or bow faced sculling - featuring also Blade Feathering.  We also offer normal Rowing or sculling (RowMotion) similar to the rowing shells like Alden with traditional sculling oars.

The XCAT is not only a light weight boat. It is also very quickly assembled without the use of any tools. The heaviest part on the XCAT is max 17.5 kg. The XCAT is a collapsible and cartoppable Catamaran, easy to be handled by one person.

The hulls are foam-filled, extreme rugged and unsinkable. An advantage against an inflatable sailing dinghy or inflatable travel cat. And the perfect streamline enables good speed with low winds.

As a portable mobile Catamaran with front rowing oars and blade feathering the XCAT is an alternative to the kayak or canoe. Immense stability, perfect also for swimming or bathing in open water.

Of course even fishing is possible. We offer Railblaza, Scotty, Borika Fasten Adapter for fishing rod holder as an accessory.


ROWonAIR, row on inflatable SUP boards, airskiff, surf ski, air-kayaks -
or on your own SUP/boat, no matter if inflatable or hardshell


ROWonAIR literally means rowing or sculling on air. ROWonAIR allows you to row on inflatable SUP boards, air kayaks, surf ski and inflatable skiffs as well as on your own inflatable or hardshell Stand Up Paddle board/boat.

Choose from two unique ROWonAIR systems for rowing or sculling: RowVista and RowMotion.
With RowVista, the innovative, world's best high-tech forward facing rowing system with patented blade feathering for beginners and professionals, you row in the direction you’re facing. In other words it is bow faced sculling. With RowMotion you row in reverse the classic way, like on sculling shells or rowing racing boats with traditional sculling oars.

Simply attach and secure the folding rowing system – RowVista or RowMotion - to the ROW ON of your choice:

  • SUP 14‘, the lightweight SUP board for sculling on every level
  • AIRSKIFF 17‘, the inflatable skiff for performance-driven rowers
  • SLIDER 485, the inflatable kayak for all-rounders
  • or on your own inflatable/hardshell SUP board, canoe, Canadian canoe, kayak or other boat, for example from Naish, Red Paddle, Mistral, JP Australia, Fanatic, BIC Sports, Starboard, Jobe, KXone Surf Ski, KXone AirKayak, Sea Eagle RazorLite Kayak, BIC YakkAir Full HP, etc.

The three from us offered, inflatable ROW ONs are made of high quality ADVANCED SELYTECH® Drop Stitch fabric, till now mainly used for inflatable SUP boards.

The rowing system is set up in less than 2 minutes without tools, only with click- and plug connectors. The RowVista forward sculling oars are foldable and are 2.06 m (6‘9“) long. The traditional sculls are supplied in 2 parts with a length of 1.75 m (5‘9“) each (optional). Everything fits conveniently into a bag. Your ROW ON - the inflatable SUP board, the airkayak SLIDER 485 or the inflatable skiff AIRSKIFF - are packed in a sturdy backpack. Straightforward transport by air, car or on foot is guaranteed.

Now you can row anywhere whenever you want.
Complete freedom for recreational and athletic rowers.


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