NEW: iCOASTER - The inflatable coastal rowing boat

The iCOASTER is the world's first inflatable coastal rowing boat, that complies with the FISA coastal rowing requirements. The boat is perfect for rowing at the coast or when there are waves, due to its unique design and functional structure. Travel by car or plane and take your inflatable rowing boat with you. With the portable ROWonAIR® rowing systems and the iCOASTER there are no boundaries. The iCOASTER is available in mid-2020.

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Length: 5,5 m (18.4')
Weight: Boat 25 kg (55 lbs), bag 2 kg (4.5 lbs
Speed: up to ~6 knots (~11,3 km/h)
Fins: two fin-system
Air chambers: 3
Additional properties:
- self-bailing
- accepted by air carriers as bulky luggage
- also usable as coastal SUP board or surf ski
- row with RowMotion® or RowVista®